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Online-Übersetung der offiziellen japanischen Page:

Co-op is still the same as in the network alpha, hosts use a Lulling Bell to request help and the game automatically matches them to a helper who has used the Small Resonant Bell (there are no summon signs in Bloodborne)
Co-op ends when a boss is defeated or the host or guests die, or the host uses Parting Shot on a guest
Players can create a "Watchword" of 8 characters that will allow them to co-op with only people who have the same Watchword. This does not work for PVP.
You can invade other people by using an Ominous Ringing Bell, the goal of invasion is to defeat the host.
[Note: mistranslation here - invaders can use Parting Shot to end an invasion, host cannot use Parting Shot on them], and invasions will also end if the invader dies or the host enters a boss area.
Some areas will have a Bell Maiden already present, and she lures invaders to your world.
The Bell Maiden may also appear when you request/begin co-op [Note: she can also appear if you use the Ominous Ringing Bell/invade]
In the Chalice Dungeon you may see "illusions" of other players in the same part of the dungeon (this is different from the network test alpha where you could see illusions anywhere, this point implies they will only exist in CD- then again, a screenshot below shows an illusion in Central Yharnam, so the language might be unnecessarily restrictive).
You can click someone's Messenger tombstone to see how they died anywhere in the game.
You can click someone's Messenger notes to tongue but hole
There are 2 types of Chalice Dungeon: normal and generated.
You can only generate a dungeon online, but you can play either type online or offline.
You can share generated dungeons online.
PS+ is required for pvp/co-op, asynchronous features (notes/tombstones/illusions), and sharing your Chalice Dungeon configuration. You can download patches and other people's Chalice Dungeon configurations without PS+.
There will be a Day One patch (improve performance/online gameplay usability).

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